A quick and clever card game, full of interactions and low blows!

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SchmetaSchmeta - \ʃmɛta\
Derived from the arab word "schmet": sneaky and cunning person who makes smart moves

Welcome to the website of Schmeta Games, a board games publishing company.

2020 signals the arrival of our very first project in the gaming world. Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, we are proud to announce that Gangsta! is now available in the Benelux, France and French-speaking Switzerland.

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BREAKING NEWS: Gangsta! is available.

It's official: Gangsta! is now available in your favorite game stores, located in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, France and in French-speaking Switzerland. Due to the present sanitary situation, the delivery of the game could be slightly delayed in certain shops, but feel free to contact them be sure it has arrived. You might soon become a gangsta, but remember to be a safe gangsta. Discover what reviewers think about it.


Immerse yourself in the world of gangsters!

Gradually build a gang to perform the juiciest heists, but beware of snitches trying to put a spoke in your wheels! Remember to arm yourself with enough firepower to win the upcoming gang war and establish your ultimate domination over your opponents!

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